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of mistreating animals. the washington humane society said that gilman was placed he and two others left over the weekend. the humane society won't comment on why they left and calling it a personnel matter. >>> be smart about using your smartphone. the warning from d.c. police saying street robbers are on the rise and the hot target for criminals right now, iphones and other pdas. police are urging people to use common sense and be aware of their surroundings. >>> what will you be driving in the future? the answer mean here. as we take you inside the washington auto show next. >>> and police break up a dan party. did the cops violate the rights? what a judge has to say about that after the break.  following breaking news out of the auto industry. toyota is suspending sales of eight models of cars involved in a recall. the company recalled the eight vehicles last week do you to a problem with the accelerator pedal sticking. the recall includes 2.3 million vehicles, including the rav 4, toyota camry, avalon, highlander and sequoia. the toyota is suspending sales of all of those vehic
. that is a lot of money. he makes a lot of money. it's not a good scenario right now for the washington wizards. >> we have paul wagner working on the legal side of this story. hang tight -- all right. we can go back to dave feldman. he is in ashburn. i know you are grabbing your notes to talk about mike shanahan. talk about a lot of money, that guy is making a lot of money. >> he is making million a year. it's what he made in denver. tied for the highly paid coach in the nfl. he is the head coach and executive vp of football operations. that means gets to make the financial decision but he hopes it doesn't come down to that. he is the 28th coach in redskins history, the 7th under dan snyder's regime. at the press conference in the facility, coach had glowing remarks for his new boss and mike shanahan is glad to be the head coach. >> never met a guy that is more positive, more passionate about the washington redskins, his desire to do things the right way, give me every opportunity in this organization, every opportunity to be successful. th doesn't happen very often in the nfl. >> lindsay mur
against an animal shelter. peta says the staff is untrained. the shelter run by the washington humane society is fighting back. robbie chaf vedz has the -- chavez has the investigation. >> reporter: peta accuses the shelter of grows incompetence. but adoptions are up 10 percent. peta fired off this letter to the mayor demanding action. >> i suspect that some of the things that they are doing violate the d.c. cruelty code. >> reporter: it's a stinging criticism from peta, alleged inhuman conditions. >> you can see a dog with wound that are severe. >> reporter: peta says their own investigation shows animals living in urine, diseased and unsanitary conditions. >> untrained, rude to the public and unresponsive to calls. >> they care so much about these animals. they are hurt and upset by this and i feel an obligation to defend them because this is not the washington humane society >> reporter: we wanted to give you an independent look inside the washington animal shelter but the city and department of health resed to allow the cameras inside. as a result, you won't get to look firsthand.
this week to try to do just that. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> former president clinton and his daughter are on the ground in haiti at the port-au-prince airport. the former president offered elbow grease helping to unload supplies he is expected to meet the haitian president. since joining forces last week with former president bush the two have raised $8 million for relief efforts. >>> meantime, president obama and the first lady visited the heart of the relief effort in washington. touring the disaster operation center the red cross headquarters in dc, the president personally thanked the staff for working around the clock to bring aid to survivors in haiti. >>> confusion at a donation drive led to frustration among volunteers trying to help haiti. they called for assistance to sort through a mountain of donations at a warehouse in southeast. a huge response was more than the embassy bargained for. matt ackland is live at the live. >> hundreds gathered at this warehouse behind me to sort supplies and put them in the right boxes but would you believe it, too ma
night, in the afternoon through friday afternoon. it's mostly west of town including washington county, the panhandle of west virginia for freezing rain which may accumulate a quarter inch of ice then a mix of sleet to snow friday before ending. problem areas out there. all of us after midnight may see a mix. let's talk about that. any light mix of rain should stay south of d.c. tonight. the main event is thursday afternoon into friday. i don't think we will see anything until after 8:00. it will start as rain, change to sleet then freezing rain for the whole metro area then end as snow friday with small accumulation and probably delays friday morning, especially as we look west of town. tomorrow night is when the action gets going. max hd shows i the precipitation -- shows you the precipitation. as we head into tomorrow, 9:00, 10:00 before we see the rain and after midnight when we see the mix. sometime friday when we see snow. here is the five-day forecast. we get it out of here. friday 38. it will end midday. heading to 28. we have to watch the wet spots friday night. no problem sat
in and around d.c., the water winding up in their homes starts here. the washington acquestion duct turning up 1 ate million gallons every day. >> it will be safe to dripping. >> he runs the washington aqueduct and is overseeing a big change in how they see the water in the potomac river. >> it's good, however, there would always be bacteria and viruses ithe water. >> reporter: how they kill it is what is about to champ. chlorine gas is used. since it trucked in in containers, theoretically, it would be an attractive target that. ed to build a chlorine bomb. >> it's not available for an accident or criminal activity or someone who interfere with the water supply. >> construction is underway on a new building, what is the difference? for starters, it reduces the opportunity for terrorists to steal or release the gas and is less volatile for workers on site. this may not sound like a big homeland security issue, it is. the water system's sety and security has been on the radar screen for quite some time. >> it's a good thing. >> councilman phil mendelson, the chairman of the public safety committe
't beat it. >> reporter: who needs a winning lottery ticket, in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> metro working to keep riders satisfied. the agency is trying to improve the safety image with new s. one of those is raising eyebrows. posted on the blog unstuck d.c. metro, the poster shows a group of about 60 metro bus drivers and reads these are some of the metro bus operators who know whrait means to go farther. they have driven more than 1 million accident free miles. there aren't quite as many million milers if you want -- as they want you to think. it appears a number of the people are photo shopped into the ad multiple times. here is the same driver twice. another y appears three times. either metro hired a lot of twins, triplets or there is more than meets the eye here. we contacted are the for comment. so far, haven't heard back. >>> do a double take when we see some of these potential snow totals coming our way. >> in the mountains, four days of up sloped snow. my family in erie, they got 18 inches. my nephew totaled his car in a white out. he's okay. the cold will sti
to washington, d.c. a group of govement scientists spent part of the day looking around the area for more meteorite fragments. they did not find any. the roofers that examined te hole say it appeared to be a single chunk. the physicians inside are counting their lucky stars. >> i am the most likely one to have been on that doctor share. i'm happy god isn't done with me yet. >> reporter: the two physicians and the owner of the building donated the meteorite to the smithsonian for further study. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> a long time favorite in georgetown is closing its doors. wwill have that coming up next. >>> toyota is issuing a major recall because of their accelerator pedal possibly getting stuck. the recall covers several model years that include the rav 4, corolla, camry, ava done, tundra and highlander. almost all those cars are rental cars. you go out, go to an airport, you don't think about this because you don't own one perhaps but think about this the next time you do that, these are almost all rental cars. all the information is on our web site. >>> more on the devastation
.c. would make washington an even bigger terror target than it is. >> keeping them in guantanamo, tried them there and you can shut it down or if you're committed to bridging them to the u.s. -- bringing them to the united states, try them on a military base and a very -- >> for its part, the justice department said no final decision has been made as to whether or not to hold any guantanamo detainee trial in the nation's capitol. that was a policy analysts say, such a trial despite the security concerns, could have benefits. >> the pers is dangerous. you don't try them unless you're sure you will win. >> reporter: michael o'handland said the obama administration which, is announcing the -- suspected 9/11 plotters in new york city, made it clear it wants to use the u.s. court system. >> we're trying to use the court system where we can to avoid the image of unlawful and definite detection. >> reporter: hambali, as he's known, is suspected to be the main link between al qaeda and the group to carry out the bali bombing, appearing in 2007 before a military tribunal and denied any connection wit
in the forecast. is this the big one for washington, d.c.? d way things look, no, it's not. we'll still have the snow in the forecast, no -- though, and i want you ton we're going to be on the northern edge of it. we have to caution you that at this stage in the game, they are a couple of days away and they're take it to the south and probably somewhere through virginia and even the southern virginia and we don't trust the trend at this point. tomorrow, i think, we'll feel confident enough a that this is going to be something producing more no to the south. the reason is because that torm track is uncertain. the storm is still in the southwestern united states. as it gets closer and we see a lot of consensus, we'll be ab to nail that down and we know the timing will be late on friday around 9:00 and later and that has been trending later and later. 9:00 p.m. the school kids aren't going to get a day off and that will last into saturday and there are certainly plenty of warnings across the country and some winter storm watches. so we know this is going to have a big effect including a blizzar
.  >> good evening, i'm dave feldman. the washington wizards had the first practice and since learning the faith of gilbert arenas and crittenton. both were suspended the remainder of the season bow the commissioner and there was some feeling of closure today. crittenton and arenas both at practice and drawing only. the wizards now try to move on and continue with the season and that still has 38 games left on the schedule. at 49 and 30, the wizards are holding on to the eastern conference and that is a far cry from where it was predicted to finish. at lost now, some relief. >> it was a constant distraction, the questions and not knowing, you know, sometimes it's, you know, waiting and not knowing is worse than actually fining out, you know, and so i think once you find out, you know, and then it's easier to say this is where we're at and what we have to do. >> reporter: along with the controversy, of course, comes the trade rumors. jamison and butler and thrown around. reportedly being pursued by lebron james and the cavaliers, a rumor jamison addressed this afternoon. >> for awhile a
. >> chancellor rhee is doing a fantastic job. she is not only doing a fantastic job in washington, d.c. she is widely recognized and i agree she is one of the foremost educated in the country. >> reporter: the teachers unon usually receives notice from the district when a teacher faces disciplinary action and it received no notification that any of the 266 teachers were under investigation for sexual offenses against children. now we left several messages for chancellor rhee's office seeking comment today and have not heard back. i also left messages for dc police and the u.s. attorneys office for they are district to see if there were any investigations or pending cases and also did not get a response. laura, back to you. >> clearly we will be on top of this one. >>> a supreme court ruling clearing the way for a man on a virginia's death row to die. this is paul warner powell. he was convicted of killing 16- year-old stacey reed and raping her 14-year-old sister christy in manassas in 1999. the supreme court temporarily delayed his execution because he argues he was tried twice for the cri
map has not updated. a winter weather advisory is in effect for washington, d.c., fairfax county, prince georges, anne arundel, calvert and i don't know why you're not in the advisory. the central district means confidence is growing and this is going to be a descent snow for our area and we'll get that updated and that came in. frankly, i'm glad to see that. i think it was warranted and at least it's coming on a saturday. it's going to be a beautiful, powdery gorgeous snow and i insist you get out and enjoy it. the snow is not, you may wake up tomorrow morning and there is nothing going. just cloudy and that would not surprise me. i think the first clearlies will be hard pressed to get through the dry air and that may not be until 9 or 10:00 and may not see accumulation until closer to noon. the heaviest band still appear to be heading, setting up just to the south and again, i'm uncomfortable with that. we have seen them slide north in my 25 years in washington. so, the snow bands could shift a bit and even so, i think we have you prepared for that possibility and it's all ove
largely of his tough critics in washington. >>> all right, sue palka here now, this is my question. the think this coming our way, is this going to hit the southern plains? it's hitting them now. >> and lasting three days and be a huge icemaker. >> huge. >> and we're going to be lucky. how's it dissipate sething. the problem is, brn, if it was going to be a huge storm for us, it would have to come up the east coast. it's blocked from doing that and it has to go to sea. that is a brush for us. to the south and i'm going show what you is blocking it, too ane'
will become, barring some terrible thing, the next head coach of the washington redskins, possibly as early as tomorrow. he won two super bowls. super bowl xxxii and xxxiii. he did not coach this year after being fired in 2008. he is in town because jim zorn fired today. let go after two seasons so he will coach no longer in washington, d.c. zorn's career came to an end yesterday. a 23-20 loss to the chargers. his 4-12 record was the team's worst in 15 years and 12-20 record ties the ball coach, steve spurrier for the worst ever under dan spurrier. bruce allen declined to comment. allen did reveal what type of coach he wants to lead the redskins back to glory. >> it's real clear that we are going to be aggressive and what we are looking for in a head coach is somebody who can lead these men that we had in our locker room this year to levels they haven't played to before. and what i ask from the players on the team is a commitment that they haven't given before. and we are going to try to find that type of person who is a winner, who is passionate about the redskins and passionate about foo
that the washington wizards, they take this situation in the ongoing investigation very seriously. and we are continuing to cooperate fully with e proper authorities and the nba for them and we'll have no further comments at this time. the new york post claims the gun play took place on christmas eve at the wizard's verizon center locker room. however, yahoo sports said it was prior to practice on dember 21. and the wizard, they said there was practice on christmas eve, and in fact, it was that day that they released a statement confirming arenas, he had guns in his locker and they were turned over to team security. >> i think before we count on any charges, you need to at least verify what actually happened. and again, there's a lot of rumors and the missed information and things going on. so i think it is not prudent for me to comment at this point. >> the 2-year pro out of virginia tech has been injured all season. he was not on the court during today's practice, but the team spokesman said they were in the verizon center. and gilbert arenas is already under invs. tkpwaeugs for having
? 1 to 2 inches north of d.c. washington south a dusting to an inch. heavier across the mason dixon line, maybe 2 to 4 there and heavier in the mountains. a minor snow after we dealt with the 20-incher we can handle this but people get into problems. here is a big problem. it's bringing a lot of cold air. check out the five-day forecast. a little hope at the end of the tunnel. 40 tuesday, we will feel like we are in florida. florida is in 40. >> they sure are. >>> fox 5 morning news is hitting the airwaves early tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. for the latest weather and traffic updates. >>> from snow to smog, the epa sent stricter rules to clean up the air, far beyond pollution limits. it will cost tens of billions of dollars to get counties up to code. the government says the new limits could cut down on breathing problems, especially in children. >>> sports edge up next. hear from the new offensive coordinator who happens to be the new head coach son. have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -
trips a year around metropolitan washington. but the trip that happened tuesday was an especially weird one. gertrude who suffers from dementia was picked up at 4:10 from the helping hands a did you want services center in clinton. she didn't get home for 5 1/2 hours. her grandson is furious. >> no food, no bathroom and my house to the day-care center is about seven minutes. >> there was a communication's issue between the dispatcher and this particular driver and an issue with the second driver as well. that is why in this particular case we have two drivers that have been suspended without pay. >> reporter: according to a source familiar with the investigation, the metro access driver told his superiors he couldn't find the destinations of his passengers. the driver said they kept telling him no, no, that's not the right way. our source says there were multiple radio communications to the driver before the dispatcher gave up and told him to park the vehicle at this gas station. mrs. gardner remembers hearing about a shifchange among the metro access drivers. >> change in drivers. i gu
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